Another day, another beach

“O-pus and starfish are having a seaweed wedding underwater!” -The Kid explaining why her octopus bucket and starfish shovel were all dressed up.

It was another hot day in the valley so we headed up to the cool foggy city. We stopped at the de Young to see the Balenciaga exhibit before it closed.
IMG_6075 IMG_6071

Auntie led us up to the observation tower, where we were treated to superb views of the city on this clear day.
IMG_6056 IMG_6045

IMG_6015 IMG_6018
IMG_6034 IMG_6024

Next we checked out the Balenciaga dresses…my favorite was the pink one at the entrance, but as no pics were allowed, you will just have to imagine it. There were so many wearable, beautiful dresses…I wanted several! There was one room of all black dresses and suits…in dark nightclubby lighting, so it was a bit hard to see them, esp. when being tugged by a toddler who loves to tour museums at breakneck speed. Also as we departed I noticed a sign that they had a Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit (could be upcoming? can’t find it anywhere)…and this Dior dress…sigh…maybe next time. There are lots of great things still to see, we will be back.

When we were up in the tower we spotted a pool with lily pads, so when we got back to ground level we checked out the pool and surrounding gardens. The pool had turtles! There was a family of different sizes, and one particularly cute baby turtle.

IMG_6042 IMG_6084

The kid and auntie gathered some daisies and dandelions nearby.
IMG_6126 IMG_6140
IMG_6132 IMG_6129

After this we strolled through the plane trees and fountains (last time the fountains were dry, so this was a welcome change) and madame was particularly entranced by the smaller fountain which undulated.
IMG_6181 IMG_6180

But the day wasn’t over yet…next stop, the beach. Auntie took us to a beach that was loaded with sand dollars…it was a nice, calm, gentle day for waves, and we walked barefoot along the beach, gathering sand dollars. What a beautiful day!
IMG_6206 IMG_6205

We ended the day with a visit at Auntie’s, rinsed off the sand and played with Luna and the kitties. The kid was very proud that Omie let her pet him, now that she has a gentler touch. Having thoroughly tuckered out Auntie, we headed out for the local Trader Joe’s for some travel snacks for the long drive home.

We loved their cart escalator…we could watch it for hours! This reminded me of London…the escalators down into hidden food halls…were they at M&S or Selfridges? They also had the little shopping carts for kids which our kid loved pushing around the store (and into my shins..ouch).

IMG_6268 IMG_6266

Thoroughly happy with our day out, we cruised back to the (finally) cooling off valley.

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